Hey ho guys, 

You'll found here all informations about this game. I started develop it from a

prototype that i've done for improve my level of development during my vocational training.

Objective: To achieve the 9 levels by avoiding moving blocks.

How to  play: 

-Choose a level:  Click on the "Levels" button .

-Choose a difficulty to start game: Click on 1 life, 3 lives, 5 lives or god mode.

-Use "zqsd" or "wasd" (depends if you have azerty or qwerty keyboard) to move.

-Use "Escape" keyboard button to open/close the menu

-Try to avoid moving blocks to reach white block witch allow you to pass to the next level.

-Reach the win trigger pink block (ninth sub level) to unlock the next level !

Option menu:

-First checkbox (chunk animation):  Enable/disable the animation (that fired when you switch to another sub-level).

-Second checkbox: Enable to Unlock all main levels. 

-Block skin editor:

- Use the range block size cursor to update the block size

-Use the three RGB color range butttons  for update the cursor color.

-Use the next three RGB background color range butttons  for update the background of your skin block.

-To draw something click on canvas. To delete something right click on canvas where you want.

-Use the key value "c" (on your keyboard) when the cursor is over an block already drawn for copy his color  as your cursor color.

(the current rgb value is display below the canvas)

-Save your block skin: Datas appears into the textarea next by it, then :

Copy datas: ctrl+a (select all) then ctrl+c (copy) and paste it (ctrl+v) into a text document that your created for list all your blocks datas.

-Upload a block skin: Go to your text document (where you saved you blocks datas) and selet all the block data you choose with your mouse. Then ctrl+c. Go to the option menu in the game. Paste (ctrl+v) into the upload textarea then click on "Upload skin" button.

Other infos :

Cookies are ONLY used for save you progress and options settings. 

Those cookies are usefull until you delete your cookies into your  browser.

If you want to be sure to save you progress you can also save directly cookies from your computer. If one day you erase unfortunately those one you'll be able to recover your progress by replace the actual cookie file by the one you have already saved.

Using google chrome:


users > 'yourName' > AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data > Default


Find the file named 'cookie ',  copy it and paste it into an folder you can easly find again later.

If you want retreive your progress, if lost, you have to go to the folder you created (step 2), copy the cookie file inside and paste it into the folder at the adress (step 1)

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